Rental of LED screens for events and stands in Barcelona and Madrid

Rental of LED screens for events and stands.

The LED screens provide great versatility to create an audiovisual scenography of an indoor or outdoor event, stand or concert in a stage or a fairground.

The rental of LED screens is the ideal solution in the following situations:

  • We want a giant LED screen: a large format screen that will impact our audience
  • Carry out an outdoor or indoor event that has a lot of natural light. An example is the stands, fairs or stages.
  • We want to make a size or shape customized screen.

Thanks to its modular structure and the specific supports that we have available, it can be displayed in different ways: floor, hanging trusses, embedded …

What should we consider for the rental of a led screen?

  1. Pixel Pitch: It is the distance between physical pixels that make up a module.
  2. Distance between the led screen and the public
  3. Minimum screen resolution we need.

Taking into account these factors, we can calculate the size and LED screen that best suits your needs.


Types of led screen available for rent:

We provide audiovisual material in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​since we have a wide catalog of LED screens for rental. All our screens comply with EC standards.

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