Absen A3 led screen rental

Absen A3 led screen rental

With a resolution of 3.9 mm and a color range of 281 trillion colors, the Absen A3Pro offers very high image quality levels, ideal for working with high definition images.



  • Indoor
  • High resolution
  • Thin and light
  • Compact, without splits
  • Led Black Body: high levels of black
  • Easy to assemble and transport
Pixel pitch 3,9 mm
LED type Black body SMD 3in1
Brightness 1200cd/㎡ (o nits)
Pixels per tile 128×128 Dots
Tile size An500m × Al500mm × Pr96mm
Weight 10kg/panel
Protection degree IP40 / IP21
Refresh rate ≥ 2,000 Hz
Power max/med 540/180 W/m2


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