Rental of Watchout + Multilicencia V6

Rental of Watchout + Multilicencia V6

Allows you to compose and manage the different multimedia elements of your program


 WATCHOUT multiple visualization software allows you to compose and manage the different multimedia elements of your program: video, still images, animations, graphics, live broadcasts, sound, and then play them on multiple screens. Perfectly synchronized and with the maximum resolution.
WATCHOUT easily integrates and controls external units or devices. It has no limitations of screens, channels or resolutions. Suitable for live events, video mapping; practically any market or application where you want multiple display devices and maximum impact.
  • Uncompressed playback
  • Escalable
  • Unlimited resolution
  • Virtual presentations
  • Unlimited timelines
  • 3D correlation/facade projection
  • Captura del contenido
  • Live NDI / IP production workflow


  • Multi-channel audio playback (ASIO support).
  • Preview in real time.
  • Stereoscopic three-dimensional production.
  • Real-time effects.
  • Creating custom masks.
  • Geometry correction.
  • Insertion of chromas.
  • Device integration support Art-Net / DMX-512.
  • MIDI support.
  • Control of frame rate.

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