Videowall rental for events and stands in Barcelona and Madrid

Videowall rental for events and stands.

A videowall is a setup of different screens with a thin frame to avoid seeing the separation between them. By joining different videowall monitors, we can get large format screens with multiple possibilities of size, shape and configuration.

A videowall can be rented to be placed in any space, encouraging imagination and surprising the audience thanks to its versatility. They can be placed horizontal, vertical, on the floor, embedded, hanging on the wall, etc.

Videowall rental vs LED screen rental:

Renting a videowall for a fair is an economical option as opposed to a LED screen, since it allows:

  • Low cost of installation.
  • Higher screen resolution with smaller size.
  • Custom settings.
  • Guarantees Full HD / 1920x1080 resolution in any size.
  • The frames that join the screens are becoming thinner.
  • We can easily design vertical screens and irregular compositions.

We have the following models available for rental:

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